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About us


CHOICE TO CHANGE is a non-for-profit 501c.3 agency providing services to youth, adults and families being part of the solution to helping them became productive, safe and happy individuals in our community. This concept was created in 1988 as an Agency under the name National Community Corporation ( NCC) and has been serving Palm Beach County since 1997 assisting families with educational prevention in our community.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." - Socrates


The development of this concept in Choice to Change was in direct response to the Program participants of NCC and concept of the 12 step program of AA, NA, shoplifting anonymous, gamblers anonymous and many more step programs developed to give individuals encouragement, strength and hope and providing support through change.


Our intention is to help individuals and families with educational prevention through Choice to Change and network with other community agencies to fill any area of need to our participants.


Many of our participants come from broken homes, abuse, addiction and abandonment. Through awareness, acceptance, and action…

Choice to Change will break the cycle of

hurting people hurt people.



Target population are any youth, adults or families with life struggles, or an individual out in society due to their poor choices which is affecting themselves, others or an individual healing as a victim of someone else. Our primary goal is to assist the participants to have true awareness, through our educational component and accept the truth within them, others, and situations surrounding them, then we would like to take their recognition and take positive action to change their choices. Important characteristics of this concept in Choice to Change did receive a Certificate of registration with its unique 10 steps to Change.


We strive to reach as many hurting individuals in our schools and community to give an understanding to the hurts, habits, triggers, and hang ups which is unprocessed ANGER in them. This anger stems from their family dynamics to peer relationships, through education and support. Our participants will recognize the importance of healthy relational needs in every relationship they encounter. Evaluating how their needs are met and unmet will give participants the awareness of areas needing change that is destructive to themselves and others around them. Our participants will be able to identify the areas and choices they have the POWER TO CHANGE. The Step Program will provide them the tools and support necessary to respond in a healthy manner, resulting in higher self-esteem and healthier relationships.


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