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Child Planting in Greenhouse


“They are an incredible resource and asset to use and enable us to host quality level events. They go above and beyond with the service they provide.”

         -Alexa Lee PBCSAC

” My son John and I completed the program April 25th 2012. It was a very positive program and really made a change in my son. He became aware of his mistakes and how they adversely affected his life and mine. I would highly recommend this program be put into the Palm Beach County Schools.” wrote Kathy.


Choice to Change Parent 


“Our parents raved about the food, quality and professionalism at our event.”

  -Seminole Ridge High

“The program has helped me in a way that brought learning to a skill that I didn’t know I had, it was not boring and makes me want to keep doing it.”

-D.V. (Restitution Youth)

Our participant accomplishments are what make Choice to Change a success. Our goal is to see every single one of our participants making choices that will better their life and those around them. We love to see our participant and community supporters testimonials and how they have enjoyed our services. Our classes, community service and individual achievement are what makes us keep doing what we are doing!


Choice to Change Parent

“The counselors and staff are caring, respectful and eager to do what it takes to help the child, never once making them feel as if they can not change or be forgiven. My son finished the program with a new attitude and understanding of the importance of making better decisions and the consequences of making bad decisions.” Channon April 15th 2012


Choice to Change Parent

Mr. and Mrs. Jose wrote, “My son got a chance to see things from an adult perspective and he was afforded the opportunity to listen to other teens struggling with similar issues. We always left the meetings with a positive feeling and more knowledge and understanding of each other.”




Choice to Change Parent

” I serve as a Guardian ad Litem in Palm Beach County. A 15 year old young lady assigned to me was dealing with many serious emotional problems and a horrible childhood experience. On the final night of the program when she got her certificate, I took her out to celebrate with dinner. It was one of the few times I have seen her smile in the two years I have been mentoring her. It was the first time I heard her say thank you.” Stephen October 21 2012


“The volunteers that come to us have been extremely helpful in facilitating the process of Palm Beach County Food Project. They are outstanding, hand workers, dependable, and their service to the multi generational  population is to be commented. They Follow through and make judgement on their own regards to what is needed to help it run.”

        - Kay Heisler (Palm Beach County Food Project)             


Choice to Change Parent

“My son Michael was recommended to attend your program. From the first day we attended Choice to Change I became aware that you were sincerely interested in making a change in my son’s life. I quickly learned that you put your soul into offering a program that not only educates, but demonstrates how troubled young people can recover from mistakes and become better people in the process.” Edward, September 15th 2011.



Choice to Change 

” It has been my sincere privilege to work with Lynn, not only as a professional , but to come to know the gentle, kind, caring and compassionate person that she is. Lynn has been in the trenches with us when we developed programs such as the Teen Drug Court, and has assisted in creating the instructional and therapeutic models for the program.” Major James M.S.W Palm Beach County School District Police Dept.



Choice to Change Student

“Choice To Change has been an eye opening experience for me. It taught me an extensive amount of techniques to share my feelings and to deal with them. My relationship with my parents has drastically improved since we began the program. Choice to Change has impacted and changed my life.”Jessica age 18


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